September 09, 2016
Your pictures worth a thousand words. They are so lively that I find no words to praise them. I am overwhelmed. May you continue to click more beautiful photos and spread happiness through them.
Animesh Dutta
July 31, 2016
Sir , it was my privilege to have your company while travelling to Dibrugarh sometime back .
Your photographs are fabulous .
I was touched by your humility . May be its your knowledge about what you do and the varied experiences that have been yours during your journey to success is related to the humility that you have .

Best Regards

Animesh Dutta ( Jet Airways Employee }
July 19, 2016
Recently I read about you on Bartaman newspaper and I became your fan. Not only for your photographs but also the dedication behind those.
Proud to be a "baangalee"
Dia Ganguly
July 17, 2016
I read a article about you in Bartaman today's issue..what a photography..and story behind all those marvelous words..spellbound.. Hats off you Sir...
harsha vardhan reddy
July 11, 2016
may i know how chance to for me to come and join in your team . to participate and learn more about nature photography.
thanks a lot
Harsha vardhan reddy
niaz ladakhi
April 02, 2016
Eternal works sir, young india (we)realy y need a mentor like you.
hirak majumdar
March 04, 2016
among millions of your fans spread all across india and also throughout the world,i am not only one of your admirers but i also consider you as my hero.i dont know if my dream of meeting you will ever come true..............................proud as a bengali, proud to be your biggest and blind fan.................

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