Dhritiman Mukherjee, arguably the most respected Nature photographer in India today. This down to earth and humble guy is being admired for his dedication, perseverance and hard work. He has been working mostly on rare, endangered and challenging subjects, especially in India.

He has traveled and photographed most of the national parks and bio-zones in India. He has also covered some of the major international wildlife destinations. He is a field guy and stays more than 280 days, a year, in the field.

As a professional photographer his work is being published in all kind of print and digital media in numbers and with brands like BBC, National Geographic, New york Times, Lonely Planet, London Geographic, WWF, UNESCO, Birdlife International etc to name a few. He has got many national and international awards and accolades for his images. Recently he has been awarded with Carl Zeiss Conservation Award 2013 for his contribution towards conservation of wildlife in India. He is one of the founders of " Saevus" , one of the leading nature and wildlife magazines in India.